Daniel Clarkson is an Educational Assistant in Listen and Talk's Blended Classroom Preschool for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. She is a white woman with long brown hair with highlights.

Danielle Clarkson

Educational Assistant

Danielle Clarkson is originally from the Bay Area where she found her love of teaching by helping her mom in her third grade classroom.  She always knew that she wanted to teach and be a part of fostering a love of learning.  She went to Chico State University where she majored in history education and speech communication.  Her younger son, Caleb, has bilateral hearing loss and has worn his hearing aids since he was 10 months old.    Through her own journey with Caleb and her work with Listen & Talk, Danielle developed a passion for giving hard of hearing youth every possibility they need to thrive in life.

When she’s not working, Danielle loves spending time with her husband, Robby, and her two children, Ben and Caleb. She enjoys reading, painting, any art and craft project with her boys, baking, putting together killer charcuterie spreads and enjoying a fantastic meal with friends and family.

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