Listen and Talk Audiology

Access to Sound Everyday

Listen and Talk’s Audiology Team continuously works to optimize students’ access to sound.

The Harry Levinson Memorial Audiology Center at Listen and Talk provides immediate expert assistance and support to our classroom students to ensure they are hearing as well as they can every school day.

Christie, our on-site audiologist, performs regular tests to monitor children’s hearing levels. All information is shared regularly with families and their child’s providers.

Audiology assistant supporting a child with hearing loss in an audiology booth during a testing session.
Christie Rexroth is the Audiology Coordinator at Listen and Talk. In this photo she is sitting in the audiology booth.

Collaboration Leads to Success

In order to best serve our students, the dedicated audiology staff at Listen and Talk creates auditory profiles for them. These provide their teachers, therapists, families and caregivers a better understanding of how each child is perceiving speech in various listening conditions. In addition, the staff members provide technical support for caring and troubleshooting hearing aids, cochlear implants and other amplification technology. The families, teachers and therapists also have easy access to the audiology team for consultation and support.

Audiology Resources

The internet is full of information regarding hearing technology and best practices for language development. Our audiologist and providers compiled a video library to serve as a resource for families.

Listen and Talk student with hearing loss receiving audiology services

Audiology is Fun!

We optimize our sound booth for Listen and Talk children so they enjoy their testing sessions while we collect accurate data. It is important for children who are deaf and hard of hearing to learn about their hearing technology and understand it’s importance. Visits to our audiology center promotes confidence in each child.

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Audiologist Ashley teaches student about their ears and advanced hearing technology in Listen and Talk's audiology center.